Serviceberry tree

Homeowners these days are often on the lookout for a new addition to their garden or yard and one of the plants that come highly recommended these days is the serviceberry tree. In the United States, there are plenty of people who see the serviceberry tree as one of the most beautiful plants they have ever seen especially when it comes in different sizes and can grow up to various heights as well. Up to this day, there are about 45 different species of serviceberry tree and since it can be considered as either as a tree or as a bush, you can decide on how to raise the serviceberry tree.

Serviceberry tree has many names depending on the location. Among the most common names that are used to describe this particular tree are juneberry, shadbush, shadblow and Saskatoon berry. The serviceberry tree is actually a close relative of roses since they are in the same family.

Picture of Serviceberry tree flowers

The serviceberry tree is often described as having intense colors during the fall with its elliptical leaves appear to have a bluish-green tint to them. This tree is absolutely gorgeous especially when it is in full bloom which is one of the reasons why homeowners these days plan on getting serviceberry tree for their home.

You might want to choose serviceberry tree shrub instead for your property which you can maintain easily enough. You can even add redbud tree on your property along with serviceberry tree since they are both ornamental plants to begin and are sure to give your land more value in the first place. The blend of white and red colors is enough to make your land quite appealing and it is guaranteed that you are not the only ones who will fall in love with their beautiful foliage in the long run.

You might want to consider autumn brilliance serviceberry tree even for your garden or yard if you want to bask in its glorious red hue that blossoms during mid to late September. The name itself is enough to give you a good idea on what to expect for this type of serviceberry tree and when you do get to see the red striking color of this tree, you won’t regret your choice at all.

Picture of a Serviceberry tree

There are plenty of benefits that you can gain from serviceberry tree aside from its amazing foliage and color. You can also benefit a lot from eating its produce of berries that are quite delicious to the taste. What’s more, these berries do attract various types of birds so if you want to look at different types of birds, leave a few berries on your serviceberry tree for the birds to feast on.

If you want to give your property its much needed boost on the ornamental plant department then consider planting serviceberry tree. For sure, you will enjoy looking how gorgeous and simply amazing this tree is as it grows to great heights while providing you with some of the most beautiful flowers there are with matching delicious and nutritious fruits as well.